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Affordable Cost-effective Truck Repair Shop Software

Diesel truck repair shops may sometimes forget to charge all the labor on a repair job.  This costly error is usually never corrected, but can be avoided with good software and shop procedures.  The monthly cost of DieselPro repair shop software is about one-hour shop labor charge .  This makes it the most affordable on the market, and t pays for itself month after month.

The right repair shop software provides peace of mind, your data is safe, secure, and remotely available anywhere, anytime. Shop work orders are easily created and may be quickly verified prior to invoicing, with total control over the process. Ticket writers and shop owners love it!

Login anywhere, anytime!

Eliminate server and computer worries for good!

No need to purchase and maintain expensive application file servers with DieselPro Cloud. Eliminate costly network support and hardware upgrade expense.

The performance will rival the fastest in-house network you can install.

Enjoy the peace of mind that you can access your system from any high-speed Internet access, anywhere, anytime.

Put today's technology to work for your shop!


DieselPro is a commercial software package for the automotive and heavy diesel truck repair industry, and works equally well for many other types of repair shop. It is a multiuser relational database Windows program. Client systems are remotely available anytime, anywhere via Internet connectivity. 

There are no limit on the number of records in any file, no purchase is required, and there are no long-term contracts required. Billing is one low monthly fee based on the number of users.


Quick, no hassle, new client setup

Free software updates and upgrades

Auto-backups included

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DieselPro hosted by IBM, is available in all 50 states and Canada.

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